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Better URLs – part 2

Mixtape path urls are now gorgeously readable! So if you just made a tape titled Best of the 80s Mix, the link will look like this:


As mentioned before, we’re updating urls on Mixwit. This was part 2 of the changes. No more ugly 32-character codes! A few extra things to note:

  • Your old urls/links will continue to work! No dead links here, folks.
  • The url will be based on your current title and can’t be changed (for now). If you change the title of a mix, your mix and page will display the new title, but the URL will be the same (to prevent dead links).
  • Foreign characters will change. Accented characters will lose accents, and double-character fonts (i.e. Chinese) simply get eliminated.
  • If there’s no title, we simply assign “mix” as the URL (
  • If there’s more than one of the same name, we add and number count after the title (
  • Anonymous users still get the old, ugly urls.
  • We’ll make the urls editable in the near future.

Better URLs – part 1

Over the next couple of weeks, you may notice changes to the URLs used on Mixwit. We’re in the process of simplifying and personalizing how people access their accounts, content, and widgets.

This week we’ve changed the base URL for each user to:


The username is the one you selected after you signed up. Since this is kind of a big step, all of your old URL links still work and you’ll probably not notice any real changes at this point.

We had about 3000 usernames that had to be updated because they contained dots in the name (, or were duplicates, or were simply blacklisted. For all of these, we’ve sent out an email with a new username. If you don’t like your username, you can change it anytime.

We’ll be making more changes (part2, part3) to the URLs very soon:

  • widgets will no longer have that wretched 32-character ugly code. Instead you’ll have something like:
  • the new username-based URL currently points to your “my mixes” gallery, but soon it will actually point to a personalized page.

Thanks for your support. We’re here to answer any questions or fix any problems. Have a great weekend!