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Better URLs – part 2

Mixtape path urls are now gorgeously readable! So if you just made a tape titled Best of the 80s Mix, the link will look like this:


As mentioned before, we’re updating urls on Mixwit. This was part 2 of the changes. No more ugly 32-character codes! A few extra things to note:

  • Your old urls/links will continue to work! No dead links here, folks.
  • The url will be based on your current title and can’t be changed (for now). If you change the title of a mix, your mix and page will display the new title, but the URL will be the same (to prevent dead links).
  • Foreign characters will change. Accented characters will lose accents, and double-character fonts (i.e. Chinese) simply get eliminated.
  • If there’s no title, we simply assign “mix” as the URL (
  • If there’s more than one of the same name, we add and number count after the title (
  • Anonymous users still get the old, ugly urls.
  • We’ll make the urls editable in the near future.