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Fan / Follow: The Paths of Inspiration

Our biggest request since we rolled out favorites is:

“who’s favoriting me?!?”

Mike and I debated this solution pretty heavily. Mike’s from the Facebook generation where people have 500+ friends and everything’s open and public. I’m from the AOL “consumer” generation and have strong paranoia about maintaining privacy. As a result, we decided to make it possible for you to be able to favorite a mix anonymously without worry about social-games or viral spam …and find another solution.

So today we now have Fan / Follow, our (first) way of connecting users. If you like the stuff someone is making, you can become a fan and follow what they do. It’s essentially the same thing as followers/following on Twitter, but with the more traditional semantic.

There’s an interesting benefit to the fan/follow process. Let’s say Thom Yorke decides to sign up for Mixwit and you become a fan. Not only would you be updated whenever he makes a new mix, you’d also be able to check out his favorites, and who he’s following. Going further, you can follow a people chain to discover the people influencing the people that are influencing Thom… and who’s influencing those people beyond them (and so on and so on…)

How it Works

You can easily become a fan by clicking the “Follow me” button under his/her name. Plus,  we provide a list of the 25 newest fans and people he/she is following on each display page.

As a fan, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date with your favorite people. You’ll also receive notifications whenever he/she makes a new mix, adds a new favorite, etc. Similarly, people who choose to be your fans will automatically receive notifications when you make a new mix. You don’t have to tell them – it’s done automatically.

Of course, with our new settings you can always change what follow notifications you send and receive.

So to recap:

Favorites will be for stuff (widgets). Anonymous.

Fan/follow is for personal / public connections. Usernames are shared and displayed.


Profiles & Settings: It’s all about you…

Happy to announce that we’ve added basic profile settings and controls for our users. Previously, they were “sort-of-there” &  “wherever-it-fits”. Now it’s organized and useful:


This may be a little confusing at first: it’s the profile and menu of the person you’re viewing. So if you’re checking out your own mixes, you’ll see you. But if you are viewing stuff by someone else, you’re going to see their name and image, and links to their stuff.

What’s new:

  • User picture – a 75×75 image (same size as Twitter)
  • User name – no longer restricted to your account name – it can be your own name, including spaces
  • Fan info – on your own page it will display your fan count. Otherwise, it’s the primary “Follow me” link to follow (and unfollow) other users
  • User menu – links to the user’s profile page (i.e. their home page), mixes, favs, fans / following, and rss


We’ve created new settings pages to give you better control over your account. For those of you who’ve been using Twitter, you’ll find they’re very similar:

  • Account – allows you to change your Display name, your URL user-name, and your contact email address
  • Change password – basic password changing forms
  • Notifications – choose what notifications you send and receive*
  • Picture – add a picture to represent yourself; we’ll crop and resize it for you

* note on notifications – this is where you can control what notifications you send and receive with fans and the people you’re following. We’ve only included a few notifications for now, so we can test usefulness and bandwidth. In the future we’re going to have a homepage news feed (like Facebook’s) that will provide regular updates.


We just received approximately 4000 bounce-emails for our domain. This means someone sent out about a million spam emails spoofing us (i.e. from and ~4% got returned due to a wrong address.

Unfortunately, spoofing popular domains is a common practice. For example, our friends at just got spoofed last week.

So this blog post isn’t for our regular users; it’s for the million or so strangers who’ve been introduced via a nefarious third party. If you got an amazing offer for fake watches or personal satisfaction products, it’s not really from us. We don’t spam. At best, we’re famous enough to spoof.


I See Playlists

K, a quick post this time. Rolled out some new changes to make things much easier. Good news is that they’re totally obvious so we don’t need to offer a lot of explanations:

  1.  New mixtape play controls. They’re not perfect, but good enough for you guys.
  2.  New widget menu under the widget with:
  • Improved favorites selection
  • Show/hide sharing control panel (because we were tired of seeing it too)
  • Mixtape playlist

Yes, you can now see the mixtape’s playlist before you hit play.
Yes, it’s currently only on the website.
Yes, we will have playlists in the mixtape widget soon.
Yes, you can look up (and buy?) tracks via Amazon mp3.

More soon. Enjoy =)

New Launchbar & Pop-Out Player

We’ve added a new pop-out player to the mixtape page, along with total plays count and creation date info:

new mixtape info

So when users click the pop-out player icon, the mixtape will open in a new window:

 We also added a launchbar under the widget. Here’s a quick rundown of the icons:

  • My Mixtape – direct link to mixtape page
  • My Mixwit Page – link to the user’s page
  • Share – link to page with sharing options
  • RSS Feed – show user’s RSS feed

We’re planning on including this launchbar with all of the widget embeds over the next few weeks and most will have a pop-out player link. Stay tuned…

Footer Update

[mixwit_mixtape wid=”2239fb770da9000c6279a8d1e6f6dd9e” pid=”d0d3785e17192260f9d6a3f17e729c6e” un=”brookeanndove” width=”426″ height=”327″ center=”true”]

As you can see, We’ve made a small update to the widget embed footer and added a link back to your page on the Mixwit website. We have to put links in a footer due to restrictions on sites like Myspace, which doesn’t allow links from Flash.

RSS (and better URLs – pt3)

RSS IconJust a quick post to mention that we’ve added a couple of features over the weekend.

First, you’ll notice an RSS icon next to the username. The RSS feed contains the 10 most recent mixes and favorites of this user. The list is not based on creation date, but by activity. So if you want to add an old mixtape to your feed, simply re-publish it and that mixtape will appear at the top of your list.

Also, we added a final URL change: now takes you to a display page, rather than a list of your mixes.  And if you’re logged in, the basic URL will forward you to your user page. It will show your most recent mix, but in the future this page will be customizable.