We’ll Meet Again…

As we say our goodbyes, we sign off with a final message of hope and inspiration. We’ll be back in 2009 with a new company and new plan.

Thanks again to everyone for a fantastic year!  It has been a blast!



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  1. povoaonline on

    Hey thank you for the great moments.

    Best wishes for the new year.

  2. MaxKatz on

    Well, the new comany and new website can’t come soon enough for me.

    It’s been great and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

  3. Robin Good on

    Hey Mixwit guys,
    I really want to tell you that Mixwit has been the most rewarding and satisfying web 2.0 service I have ever used. I would have payed anything to keep this thing going and I hate see you close. The really great thing about Mixwit is how simple you made it for everyone to express their talent, call up their memories and mix-up a dance tape for their own party while giving something great to everyone else.


    Great, great work and sign me up for your next one now!

  4. jens on

    I love the spinning tape.
    Hope to see it again.
    You created a nice way to share my feelings.


  5. Cheryl on

    So sorry that Mixwit has to leave Facebook! I loved that application It really allowed me to be creative with my favorite music!
    Good luck in 2009, keep me posted if you start something new! Have a Happy New Year!


  6. tute on

    you suck! why did you do this it is so hard, wait a second well,sorry,but mixwit was my fav music site the only reason i get on the computer is to go on mixwit.well i hope you come back next year happy new years!

  7. oxalis on

    mixwit was how i discovered so much new music. Thanks for a great app. looking forward to the next project! Happy New Year indeed.

    peace be with you mixwits.

  8. Paul S. Rocka on

    Schade, aber ich hoffe, es geht im neuen Jahr weiter.

    Meine Trauer hier in diesem Post:


  9. Raymond on

    Hello Mixwitguys,

    I’m sorry to hear your latest news… 😦
    I hope you come back with some new toys soon!

    Thanx 4 your services and best wishes for 2009!

  10. Mike Wilton on

    Sigh…I hate to see you guys go. I had so many great mixes on there with a lot of meaning behind them. A friend and I traded mixes daily on Mixwit for a good chunk of this past year. The songs and the mixes told our story lyrically, musically, and even visually. I really hope you guys will be able to bring back up at least the song lists and the artwork for archival purposes in the coming year. Good luck with all your future ventures.

  11. Kristen on

    Oh I’m SO bummed. I LOVE Mixwit! Damn it! Damn it! : ) I had NO power for 11 days and guess what I missed the most? Mixwit. The first thing I said I missed was Mixwit. Nope not a hot shower, electricity…not even the ability to cook a hot meal. Damn it! Damn it! Ok…that makes me feel a little better. Anyway….best of luck. Don’t take too long getting something else going. *please* : )

  12. didixi on

    Bad news for New Year… Any way – Have a happy one, Mixwit team.

  13. Clay on

    Mixwit was the most amazing interactive, creative thing on the web. Why is it that some things really are”too good to last”? Whatever the reasons for its demise, the whole short-lived dream-come-true idea of Mixwitt really deserves to continue. I gues that can only happen in a better world, where greed is no longer the deciding factor in all public discourse. Where the “bottom line” of profit no longer trumps every non-profit-oriented aspiration of those of us who love to put together music mixes for ourselves, our friends and the others we’ll never meet who happen to find andlisten to our Mixwit audio collages. That too-good-to-be-true dream is over. Maybe there’s another world possible for creative musical mix fans like us. We’re all looking forward to it, soon!

  14. QueenB on

    Okay…I hope you save all of our email addresses we signed up with. Email us and let us know when you get something new – I’ll be there! Take Care guys…I’ll miss u terribly!

  15. orbetello on

    best wishes…
    and thanks!!!

  16. Beren on

    buuuuuuuuuuuuuu , buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 😦

  17. lomodeedee on

    sorry for mixwit… 😦

    the cassette revival was great, and the community… and i’m convinced that you have a bunch new ideas to come out with…

    keep up the good work!



  18. David3 on

    Thank you and all the best to you in the future.

    Mixwit = best web2.0

  19. alyosha666 on

    Thanks for the use of the site while it lasted. Case in point that the powers that be don’t get it– during the time that I used mixwit (roughly October to December 2008) I PURCHASED approximately 15 cds from bands I had previously never heard of. Additionally, I still have an extensive list of bands and cds that I search out whenever I go to the record shop (again compiled from exposure through mixwit). This is money made by the very music industry that wanted mixwit shut down. Ridiculous.

  20. bandini on

    siete stati un grandioso servizio. la canzone che avete scelto per lasciarci -momentaneamente- è perfetta, e denota uno stile destinato a ritrovarsi. many tnx.

  21. ...tom... on

    Ditto all the thoughts already here.

    I look forward to the phoenix rising again.


  22. Elley on

    I ditto the ditto.

  23. meiguotaiwanren on

    I’m so sorry to hear that Mixwit had to shut down. It was the best of its kind. Good luck with the adventures of your new company in 2009 and thank you for the music while it lasted.

  24. Kesti on

    I made my mixtape here as a birthday present for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it–I couldn’t have done it without you, Mixwit. Best of luck in the new year 🙂

  25. paul on

    No commitment to your idea…shame on you. Just wrap this up because you couldn’t make a quick big buck selling this to google. Pathetic. Now 2009 and onto the next quick buck idea? What happen to people building companies to solve problems – and sticking to it through the bad times. MixWit = No Commitment = No future investment.

  26. Roxy on

    Please come back soon!!!!!!!!! You were the only website that wasnt blocked at work and the fact that we could make our own mixes was the best part!!!! You have to come back soon! Please hurry!

  27. frogbrother on

    Terrific music service… sorry to see it go.

  28. Sir Nenon on

    Hey, thanks man! One of the greatest websites I’ve ever been to. Thanks for the music. Best Regards.

  29. chels on

    i kno its been more than a month, but i still wish this site was back!

  30. Mike Wilton on

    Any word on whether or not you guys will be able to put up a site with the mixtape art and song lists archived? I was really looking forward to hopefully at least seeing that become available.

  31. Chesla on

    Great site – add me to the list!! Hope you are back up and running soon!

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