Deadpool update & possible OpenTape option

We’re delaying turning off profiles until Dec 27th, primarily due to hosting issues. For some odd reason we can’t do an update that will allow us to notify our non-blog-finding users of our pending closure. The site will still go dark by the 31st.

Mike and I have been talking about donating the source code to the OpenTape project. We’ll email users info on where they’ll be able to find their stuff before the end of the year.


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  1. […] the artwork and playlists, “if for nothing at least historic value”. The Mixwit code might be donated to the OpenTape […]

  2. Johni on

    please send me a contact maybe we can talk on a solution

  3. Cristiano on

    That is very unfortunate. It is truly sad news. You guys sad that you are shutting down because of hosting issues, so what is going on?

  4. Will Merydith on

    Sorry to hear this news.

    If you have any time and energy left, consider having a discussion with me on the possibility of merging MixWit and 3mix. We’re big fans of your MixTape creator ui and overall site design, and it would be a happy merge of the best of the two platforms/models.

    We have no cash left, but are open to equally sharing equity, moving the code/model to open source, tweaking the model . . .

    There was a lot of overlap between our two sites, but we’re avoiding RIAA issues by focusing on building services for the legions of artists and labels leaving the “industry”.

    Anyway, ping me if your interested in talking more.

    will {at}

  5. electric on


    Whoa! Terrible news! Please go Open Source; Merge with OpenTape; anything – Open Source this baby and let this thing be immortal!

    Warm Regards!

  6. jearsh on

    Please keep me informed about your new ventures, hinted at for next year.

  7. Richard on

    Sad news guys, I really like the service, I created a mix tape and I play it over and over again from my blog, I guess I can create the same play list with iTunes, but it wouldn’t be the same without the 80’s tape spinning on the screen.
    Wish you the best for the new year and I now that you will create more and even better online services.

  8. Kelly on

    Very sad news, indeed.

    I just discovered you a few weeks ago and have already created several playlists. Next up is one for friend having a birthday tomorrow, I’ll get to sneak that one in before you disappear.

    Like others have said, I would be willing to pay to keep you around.

    Best Wishes to All.

  9. denise on

    as mr bill would have said..
    oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am so saddened by this
    i am from the mixtape era
    and i have so enjoyed your website
    will you be coming back with this website?
    i dont understand why you guys are peacing out
    unless you sold it for a ton of $$ and will be moving to fiji…then i say kudos
    otherwise…please please please bring it back!!!!

    sad denise in tampa

    ps i just emailed ellen about your website…she was looking for cool ones to talk about on her show & she loves music so i knew she would dig it

  10. indierocker on

    so sad news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yet another corpse on the RIAA trail?
    DMCA bandits?
    those guys are trying to flatten the ocean’s waves with a shovel!
    they cant win, can they?!

  11. David on

    We’ve used Mixwit as educators — to inform and stimulate our students.

    Really is a travesty and an outrage that “it’s all about the money”…..

    They can keep sending me cease and desist letters, I don’t give a damn about them. Only our kids…. America and in particular, music — DOESN’T GET IT!

    Thanks Radley and Mike


  12. Estefania on

    So sad news; Mixwit has been my favourite web from the time i discovered it. It was like “at last! i found it!”. Never could explain all i have learned about music , and all the feelings i’ll treasure about hear someone speaking and telling a story throught a playlist. We all being in a place where we can be creative and share it .

    I’m just happy to say that i have know it, i have seen this little star shinning and crossing the sky before falling.
    The same that old people say “I have been in Woodstock” well, I HAVE BEEN IN MIXWIT!!!

    Thanks a lot for create this place.
    P.S.: Have you try to sell the project to Google? I know that sounds like giving a mouse to the cat in a silver plate,but they are always buying things; and perhaps is a good way to keep it alive .

  13. s k on

    Oh this was so beautiful and friendly “human” player. We’re gonna miss it ; then we just hope that we can use it again at least by hosting the models… ❤ mixwit

  14. Murat on

    Please go open source or merge with opentape

  15. teru on

    Sad news indeed.

    You guys created a brilliant way to share music.

  16. paccino on

    vaya, ya empezaba a entrar habitualmente y me gusta la web…y eso que llevo una semana aquí solamente.
    Echaré de menos las cintas de los ochenta. Suerte

  17. shunaaa on

    So sad news!!
    I really love this open type. Could we do anything
    or helping? It should be a way to continue this service. Or let some people to keep the service alive.

  18. Concerned Listener on

    Why are you guys leaving? Very great site and incredible ideas. What are your plans for 2009? Def. keep us informed as I’m sure you guys will do something really great

  19. […] out (of course) that we are not the only ones thinking like this. Mixwit says in their blog that they are considering donating all of their code to the distributed Muxtape replacement […]

  20. ariel on

    Noooooooooo!It’s a terrible notice. I hope that you remain.
    Anyway… thanks for your wonderful service.
    Please, please keep me informed too, about your new ventures.
    ciao and Happy Christmasariel (from Italy)

  21. Tim on

    Sorry to see you go.

  22. David on

    This is a drag.
    Forgive me for being selfish (on Christmas no less!) but I have my online resume set up with Mixwit to play my radio pieces.
    Is there anyway to keep this going?

  23. Elson Froes on

    Thank you for this wonderfull Mixwit.
    Yes, donate it to open tape.
    My best wishes from Brazil and a Happy New Year!!

    Elson Fróes

  24. Mrs Andi on

    I just found this site & now it’s gone! I was using your great service to build mix tapes for my wedding next year. This was a great way to get ideas from others & share my mixes with friends & family.

  25. rekz on


    I strongly suggest you NOT close down, but go ‘stealth sleeper’ and get some funding.

    This idea is going to launch eventually by someone, and if not you, you’ll be bummed later.

    I always thought it’d be cool if you’d have let folks do the Pandora thing and add a bunch of ‘song tags’ to music, and then your mixwit player could have an option of ‘play similar songs to this mix of songs’ type of thing.

    COME BACK!!! Or go open source. It’s a good idea. You can’t let this baby die…


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