Teaming Up with Tag Strategic

Today we’re happy to announce Mixwit has formed a consulting relationship with TAG Strategic, a global digital media and entertainment advisory firm with offices in Los Angeles, Seattle and London.

The purpose of this engagement is clear – in order for Mixwit to fulfill our potential we need an experienced team to help us forge the partnerships that will form the backbone of our service.  In the coming months, TAG’s expertise and relationships with senior management at the top media companies in the world will be essential in helping us form these partnerships.

Lead by Ted Cohen, TAG Strategic provides strategy, guidance, market intelligence, business modeling and business development services to leaders and select emerging leaders in the digital media space.
A 30-year industry veteran, Ted Cohen has served as Chairman of the Mobile Entertainment Forum Americas board, and currently chairs MidemNet, the international music/technology conference convened in Cannes each year. Ted also serves on the NARAS (Grammy) Los Angeles chapter Board of Governors and the boards for iMeem and En2Go. Ted was formerly Senior VP of Digital Music for EMI Music and also held senior management roles at Warner and Phillips.

Managing TAG’s Los Angeles office is Brooke Michael, formerly of Sony/BMG, and recent graduate from USC Business School. TAG’s London office is headed by Khalid Amin former head of new business for London Calling. TAG’s Seattle office is managed by Colleen Andersen, formerly of Microsoft, Sony, Warner and EMI and co-founder of EPO (an online legal service) and iBloks Inc.

Additional thanks goes out to Michael Downing for connecting us with TAG. Michael’s introduction was essential to making this relationship happen.

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