Widget Menu Update(s)

We’ve made a few improvements to the mixtape’s menu. The big one that people will be most excited about is the ability to view the full playlist. We’ve also taken into account persistence – music doesn’t stop when you open to the menu, and we’ve made room for the controls to remain visible with it open as well.

The menu also provides a new tab-based layout that gives us room to add new features, including fan/follow, description, and a dedication, as well as space to add the upcoming audio control options.

We know of at least one bug with the new menu that we haven’t been able to effectively replicate and destroy. There might be a few others as well. Most should be squashed over the next week or two as we finish up this round of widget updates.

[Update] – oh yeah, we changed the first-play button. I don’t think it’s the final design, but we didn’t want to hold everything up just for this…

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