Profiles & Settings: It’s all about you…

Happy to announce that we’ve added basic profile settings and controls for our users. Previously, they were “sort-of-there” &  “wherever-it-fits”. Now it’s organized and useful:


This may be a little confusing at first: it’s the profile and menu of the person you’re viewing. So if you’re checking out your own mixes, you’ll see you. But if you are viewing stuff by someone else, you’re going to see their name and image, and links to their stuff.

What’s new:

  • User picture – a 75×75 image (same size as Twitter)
  • User name – no longer restricted to your account name – it can be your own name, including spaces
  • Fan info – on your own page it will display your fan count. Otherwise, it’s the primary “Follow me” link to follow (and unfollow) other users
  • User menu – links to the user’s profile page (i.e. their home page), mixes, favs, fans / following, and rss


We’ve created new settings pages to give you better control over your account. For those of you who’ve been using Twitter, you’ll find they’re very similar:

  • Account – allows you to change your Display name, your URL user-name, and your contact email address
  • Change password – basic password changing forms
  • Notifications – choose what notifications you send and receive*
  • Picture – add a picture to represent yourself; we’ll crop and resize it for you

* note on notifications – this is where you can control what notifications you send and receive with fans and the people you’re following. We’ve only included a few notifications for now, so we can test usefulness and bandwidth. In the future we’re going to have a homepage news feed (like Facebook’s) that will provide regular updates.

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