We just received approximately 4000 bounce-emails for our domain. This means someone sent out about a million spam emails spoofing us (i.e. from whatever@mixwit.com) and ~4% got returned due to a wrong address.

Unfortunately, spoofing popular domains is a common practice. For example, our friends at omnisio.com just got spoofed last week.

So this blog post isn’t for our regular users; it’s for the million or so strangers who’ve been introduced via a nefarious third party. If you got an amazing offer for fake watches or personal satisfaction products, it’s not really from us. We don’t spam. At best, we’re famous enough to spoof.



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  1. GleaM on

    It happens in the best families…

    Keep doing your awesome work, and don’t despair!

    Greets 😉

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