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K, a quick post this time. Rolled out some new changes to make things much easier. Good news is that they’re totally obvious so we don’t need to offer a lot of explanations:

  1.  New mixtape play controls. They’re not perfect, but good enough for you guys.
  2.  New widget menu under the widget with:
  • Improved favorites selection
  • Show/hide sharing control panel (because we were tired of seeing it too)
  • Mixtape playlist

Yes, you can now see the mixtape’s playlist before you hit play.
Yes, it’s currently only on the website.
Yes, we will have playlists in the mixtape widget soon.
Yes, you can look up (and buy?) tracks via Amazon mp3.

More soon. Enjoy =)


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  1. dMix on

    Great feature, always saw each mixtape as somewhat of a surprise since I could only judge it by its name. But this is more useful in the end.

  2. tracy on

    how can i add tracks to an existing mix tape??

  3. mixwit on

    @tracy: if you have an account and you’re logged in, you’ll see options for “edit” & “delete” next to each tape.

    If you click “edit” you’ll be brought back to the mixmaker where you can add & remove tracks, etc.

  4. Adam Kirby on

    Now that’s a radical widget. I’m encouraging members of my new social site to use mixwit for their music players. Stop by opcot.com to see mixwit on the main page.

    I’m looking forward to see which way you go with the video player. VHS or BETA?

    K later,
    Adam K

  5. Aaron Lawson on

    Has the embed function been taken off? I can’t seem to find it anymore.

  6. mixwit on

    Sorry for the confusion…

    The embed code is all within the “Share” tab, under the main cassette.

  7. mausan on

    How can I send a comment to another user ?

  8. mixwit on

    @mausan We just added My Services, which allows users to select ways to get in touch. We’ll be adding traditional comments in the future…

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