FAQ (Spring ’08)

We’ve got big changes rolling out over the next few weeks so maintaining a real FAQ page is going to be messy. Instead, we’ve put together this informal FAQ on the blog.

Is Mixwit a music company?

Not really. Mixwit is primarily a media mash-up platform. We just started with mixtapes because it was fun. We’re now working on photo and video based widgets, as well as our core application which should be out by summer.

Why doesn’t Mixwit show a list of most popular mixes? What about ratings and comments?

We’ll soon show how many times a mix has been played and favorited. We’re not going to show a “most popular” list since we can’t guarantee that the source files for popular mixes will always be available. We also don’t want this limitation to cause you to get stuck with negative ratings/comments.

Where does the music come from?

Currently we’re using two music search services, Seeqpod and Skreemr, to allow users to discover mp3 files that are publicly available on the internet. Our Mixmaker application allows people to save a list of bookmarks to those tracks. The files stay in their original location.

How come I can’t find a particular song when I search?

Seeqpod and Skreemr only provide the URLs for stuff that can they can find. If that song isn’t on the internet where anyone can play it, then it won’t show up in their search results.

Sometimes the music file doesn’t play. What happened?

Either the server hosting the file is down, or the file isn’t available anymore. We don’t save websites or files, so we have no control over this problem.

How do I upload music for my mix?

Sorry, we can’t provide information on how to upload/download music at this time…

How do I favorite a mix?

If you’re signed in, you’ll see a star next to the title of every mix. Click the star. It will turn gold indicating that you’ve marked the mix as a favorite. That’s it!

Why do I have to sign-in / sign-up to favorite a mixtape?

If you’re an anonymous guest, how do we know it’s *your* favorite? You have to be signed-in simply so we know it’s you!

How do I favorite a person?

We’ll be setting up friend/fan/follow features very soon so you can either follow or friend other people.

Can I see who has favorited my mix?

We don’t have plans to show who has favorited each mix, but we will soon start to display your fans (i.e. people following you).

I want to mark a mix as private or public (or friends only)?

We’re currently working on these options. We want users to be able to identify content as private, friends-only, and public.

How do I change the size of my mixtape?

The mixtape is actually fully scalable, we just haven’t made it easy yet (i.e. not hand-editing the embed code).

For coders: you need to change the sizes in two places: in the <div> tag and the <embed> tag. Look for the following:

  • <div style=”width: 430px; height: 350px;
  • <embed width=”426″ height=”327″

Notice that the div area is slightly larger than the embed. The <div> tag manages the page area around the mixtape and the <embed> code is for the mixtape itself. Just play with these settings. Say you want a 300px wide widget you use the following formula to calculate the height:

300 * .767 = 230

So now you have a size of 300×230.

When will Mixwit be adding in new music features? What are they?

We’ll continue to roll-out bug-fixes and updates to the mixtapes. Autoplay, shuffle, looping, tags/categories, and a playlist display are all planned. We also want to work on stuff for DJs and blogger

How do I delete my mixtape off of MySpace, Blogger, etc.

Mixwit mixtapes are embedded by the use of embed code, much like youtube videos. Therefore, the way you delete the mixtape is you delete the code. For example, if you embedded your mixtape in the “about me” section on MySpace, you would need to edit your profile and delete the code in the about me section. If you’re having trouble finding it do a search (ctrl-f) for “mixwit” and you’ll see our block of code. Just highlight the whole block and delete it. Your mixtape will no longer appear on your profile.


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  1. Demi on

    Hey, I uploaded the Mixwit tape to my MySpace and everything. I am trying to revamp my profile but I can’t get the mixwit application off the myspace page so I can change stuff and then add it back. How can I remove this after I have had it added from the Mixwit site?

  2. mixwit on

    Hi Demi, I just updated the FAQ. Take a look at the last entry. Let us know if you still have issues. Email is the best way to get a timely response: support [-at-] mixwit dot ccom


  3. Antoine on

    Hi Guys,
    I’ve a problem re embedded player on netvibes universe html module.
    Doesn’t play under IE. No problem with Firefox.
    Any clue?

  4. JP on

    Wanted to know if you have or will have an edit tool for song titles and band names. Thanks!

  5. maddie on

    hey, i was just wondering
    how do i deleted my how mixwit account?


  6. mixwit on

    @maddie We haven’t automated that, so just send us an email through support of feedback.

  7. Mauricio Sapata on

    I’ve been trying to listen to my tapes recently but the system is asking for the latest version of Flash, which I’ve installed a million times. I sent some emails to the support but so far no reply. Anyone knows what to do ? I appreciate any help, thanks !

  8. Mike on

    Hi Mauricio,

    Sorry for the wait! I just got back to you via email.


  9. mixwit on

    @Maurico You may need to use Adobe’s Flash “Uninstaller”:


    Flash has been known to need a clean sweeping. I’ve had to use the uninstaller about a dozen times myself.

  10. Matthew on

    Why can’t we post it to Tumblr?

  11. ali on

    i would share my mixe gut i can’t becouse my blog is:www.skyrock.com,thinks

  12. cnbarclay on

    i’ve tried several times to post my mixtape to my wordpress blog and it always “fails”. I’ve also tried copying the embedded code and pasting it into the HTML section of my blog posts but that doesn’t work either. Any help would be appreciated!

  13. ann deakers on

    what about adding to facebook?

  14. elizabeth vang on

    yo..wats this fo?..

  15. Carrie on

    I uploaded an mp3 to my web server and put the link in the ‘add track’ section on Mixwit, but it won’t play. Am I doing something wrong or is this a problem with my hosting company?

    The file plays just fine when I go to its online location using my web browser.

  16. mixwit on

    @Matthew – use the “video” option to embed as a Flash movie.

  17. mixwit on

    @ ali
    @ cnbarclay
    @ ann

    please contact us via support@mixwit.com. we’ll get you sorted out.

  18. mixwit on

    @ elizabeth

    this is an old FAQ we wrote last Spring.

  19. mixwit on

    @ Carrie – sorry, we can’t provide any assistance relating to uploading and sharing music.

  20. mixwit on


    We love to help out, but we aren’t usually checking our blog for support comments.

    It’s way faster and easier to use support@mixwit.com


  21. Rómulo M. Soto Díaz on

    Hi…… I wonder how can I edit my playlist. I mean I change the hosting for my mp3 so, I need to create a new playlist or I can edit the URL of my playlist?

    Sorry my grammar
    Regards from Lima, Perú

  22. Kimber on

    i have added a friend’s mix to my favorite list and i dont want it anymore..how do i delete it from my favorites?


  23. Kimber on

    nevermind i figured it out..if anyone else wants to know just click the gold star and it should gray out and no longer be listed as your favorite

  24. Gorecki on

    I’m trying to publish my mixtape on my blog (look at the web site) : i get the code, but i don’t know where to put it…
    it shows me the code, not the mix..
    help !

  25. Lee on

    I’m using Firefox with the NoScript plugin installed. When I try to play the tape, a warning comes up that that http://www.mixwit.com/flash/widgets/shell.swf is a potential ClickJacking / UI Redressing attempt.

    Is this shell.swf script safe?

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