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FAQ (Spring ’08)

We’ve got big changes rolling out over the next few weeks so maintaining a real FAQ page is going to be messy. Instead, we’ve put together this informal FAQ on the blog.

Is Mixwit a music company?

Not really. Mixwit is primarily a media mash-up platform. We just started with mixtapes because it was fun. We’re now working on photo and video based widgets, as well as our core application which should be out by summer.

Why doesn’t Mixwit show a list of most popular mixes? What about ratings and comments?

We’ll soon show how many times a mix has been played and favorited. We’re not going to show a “most popular” list since we can’t guarantee that the source files for popular mixes will always be available. We also don’t want this limitation to cause you to get stuck with negative ratings/comments.

Where does the music come from?

Currently we’re using two music search services, Seeqpod and Skreemr, to allow users to discover mp3 files that are publicly available on the internet. Our Mixmaker application allows people to save a list of bookmarks to those tracks. The files stay in their original location.

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