Got Search? Yes. Finally.

thismusicmakesmybodymoveOh man, we’re so happy to get this out. With over 1000 pages of mixtapes and almost 20,000 mixtapes made, our “just get it out and we’ll get back to it” page-based navigation never stood a chance.

Mike has completed a bunch of standard navigation features over the past few days that we’ve been sorely missing. The biggest addition is the ability to search for users, mix titles, artist names, and song titles.

For me, the search feature was immediately satisfying: within 5 minutes I had found almost a dozen new mixtapes to add to my favorites.

We’ve also added in a few other basic navigation features including page titles and breadcrumbs. The website is starting to work like a real site!

(image by Exploding Dog, thnx!)


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  1. ben griffin on

    Seriously guys, you’ve made my bloody day.

    This is absolutely fantastic … i’d be interested to talk business with you, i have a mixtape radio project where there are some pretty obvious synergies with what you do.

    Drop me a line anytime, and in the meantime, i’ll be busy getting all my friends to join.

    GREAT work. Keep it up.

    Ben Griffin
    Specious PL

  2. Dakotah on

    Hey, wow! I just discovered that you got the search feature up, and I’m really impressed. Perfect that you can search by artist, user, track, or mix title! Now I’m going to have to spend even more time on here, finding all the great mixes folks have made. You guys work hard, and it’s wonderful to see this site quickly improve and grow. I’m loving it!
    -Dakotah (dacodestar)

  3. mymsie on

    I just made my first mix tape! Is there any way for people to easily download the songs on a mix tape or burn them to a CD?

  4. mixwit on

    Sorry, we don’t/can’t provide information on how to download music files.

  5. yammix on

    I saw mixwit mentioned on a morning news show (I think it was The Today Show)and decided to check it out. What fun, thanks for creating such a cool site!

  6. post on

    Wow! what a great tool! would love to have those cassette-recorder-like sounds at the beginning and at the end of the mixes.. is there a way to create such an option?

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