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Introducing WidgetFlow Menus (with Papervision3D)

New Widget MenuWe’re really excited to launch our new “WidgetFlow” menu for mixtapes. We’ve been working on this feature for over a month, so we’re omg-stoked that it’s finally available.

It’s best to think of this as sort of a mutant blend between old school cassettes and an iPod for your website. With the click of a button, your viewer can now find and play your new mixes and favorite mixes (up to 20 of each). The coolest part is this happens right in the widget – your viewer never leaves the page.

This is a first release, so there’s naturally going to be some bugs. We’ll be working on fixes all week, so please send us feedback if you run into any problems. Most bugs can be solved simply by refreshing the page.

For the Flash/tech fans, we essentially adopted an open-source Papervision3D-based menu by John Dyer called FlickrFlow and made a few modifications. Much thnx to John, Papervision, and the Flash community for continuing to produce and share such amazing resources.

As a side-note: the Mixwit site is going to go through a bunch of organization updates over the next few weeks. It’s difficult to discover mixtapes in the current version, so we’ll be rolling out search features right away. We’re also overhauling our URL and links for users and mixtapes and making those more humane. There’s a few more (huge) changes coming as well, but we can’t say what *those* are yet.