WordPress embed not solved, but some options

We were able to talk with WordPress this week about the embed problems everyone is having, and they offered us a few solutions that we thought we could share.

With the release of v2.5, WordPress has a new shortcuts program. We need a little time to implement this process. Once we get our side complete, it will also take WP a little bit of work on their end. I would expect that they’re trying to help a ton of services at the moment, so it may be a few days.

They also mentioned that they’re working with Gigya on a Flash embed solution, which would help a ton of services all at once. If Gigya’s embed is working before our shortcut is completed, we’ll make sure you can use it.

In the meantime, Vodpod has a Firefox extension to auto-post Flash content to your blog. The instructions say it’s for video, but it’s Flash video and may be just as easy to forward a Flash mixtape…

Update: We are now live on wordpress.com! We still need to do some integration on our side, but if you can’t wait, just email support [-at-] mixwit dot com, and we’ll let you know to do it.


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  1. Menno on

    Any news yet, guys? Great work BTW!

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  3. Daina on

    Even my mom liked it:))

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