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Y Combinator – advice for applicants

In the chaos that followed our public beta launch, demo days, viral press, bug fixes, and rounds of interviews in the valley… we forgot that we could finally reveal we’re a YC start-up.

For those who aren’t familiar, Y Combinator is an advisory pre-seed project started by Paul Graham that funds and supports start-ups. YC does two sessions per year: summer in Boston and winter in Silicon Valley.

Our session was the largest to date with 21 start-ups. For the past 3 months we met once a week for a huge dinner and to take part in a presentation. The presenters offered the range of experience we’ll be facing, starting with previous YC start-ups and moving up into (very cool) industry leaders.

In the meantime, we worked. Non-stop. Every day. For 2 & 1/2 months build build build. The attitude was release early, update often. We drank the kool-aid. And two weeks ago we were able to present to over 100 investors in the valley and say “yeah, we make mixtapes!”


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