Updates this week…

skreemr logo

We’ve rolled out a bunch of new features this week. The biggest addition is Skreemr music search. Skreemr approaches music search a little differently, by prioritizing tracks based on link quality. We’ve had really good results with Seeqpod, but Mixwit is dedicated to working with many different media sources from the net.

You’ll probably also notice some changes in the pop-up controls. We’ve added a scrubber for… uhm… scrubbing through the current track. There’s also a volume control for everyone who was asking for it.

Finally, we’ve added a few new link-outs in the controls:

  • view my mixes – takes you to the mixtape creators page of mixtapes
  • make a mix – takes people to the mixmaker
  • mixwit logo – yeah, well… links to our homepage

Mike’s still working really hard on bug fixes and responding to everyone’s emails. Thank you to everyone who’s sent in emails of love and enthusiasm, you’ve been a huge energy boost! ^_^

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