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HerosHello all!

A funny thing happened in the last week or so. Since our public launch, we’ve gone from just a few people to over 4000 visitors per day. Even more amazing: you guys have already made 1000 2200 mixtapes.

We’re… stunned. Wow.

We haven’t done any promotion for Mixwit – it’s all been word-of-mouth, starting with a mention on TechCrunch, and spreading through a handfull of blogs. So we really, really want to say thank you to the folks who got the word out, with oddtodd.com being one of the biggest, as well as ehrensenf.de and allmyfaves.com. There’s also a couple of amazing sites with demo videos: demogirl.com (english) and Marcelino Madrigal (español). You guys seriously rock hard!

We’ll try to be proactive with the Mixwit blog and start posting more information on the changes we’ve done. Updates seem to go up everyday. Most are bug fixes, but we’ll be adding features too.

That’s it for today. Have fun! More stuff coming!


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  1. PJ on

    Very cool program

  2. rkrueger on

    FYI – I just posted a review of the service, which you can read at: http://www.widgetaday.com – loved it! Would love to speak with you guys about growth rate, future plans, etc. Please feel free to reach me via my blog. Keep up the great work.

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