Text labels

Text label highlightYou’ll find you have a few options on how to manage your cassette’s text labels when using the Mixmaker.

Tool Menu

Text Style allows you to manipulate:

  • font color and size ( 9pt – 36pt )
  • justification (left, center, and right)
  • the background label color and transparency (alpha)

Description allows you to enter the title and creator info which are displayed when your cassette is first shown. Note: as soon as the cassette starts playing, title and creator are replaced by the song title and artist name.

Direct Editing

There’s a couple of less-obvious features for editing your text labels directly on the cassette. Click once and you’ll highlight the label. If highlighted, you can start to drag the label around. At the same time, you can choose to double-click the label, which will enable you to edit the text.

The text labels are far from complete. We’ve got several ideas on what needs to be improved, as well as additional features. But hopefully, you’ve got enough to work with for now. Have fun!


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  1. JhimBhoy on

    Fantastic work. Great idea, well executed.

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