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New stuff – like skins ‘n all that…

tapeskinsWe were going to announce that we rolled out new tapeskins last night, but I woke this morning to find that y’all had found them already. There’s 20 more, which doubles what we had previously.

We also added the ability for users to delete mixes from Mixwit and Facebook. Note that “delete” means that tape is deleted everywhere: Mixwit, Facebook, blog, all of it. We’ll try to work out more location-specific in the future. In the meantime, if you need to recover your mix just drop us a line.



Updates this week…

skreemr logo

We’ve rolled out a bunch of new features this week. The biggest addition is Skreemr music search. Skreemr approaches music search a little differently, by prioritizing tracks based on link quality. We’ve had really good results with Seeqpod, but Mixwit is dedicated to working with many different media sources from the net.

You’ll probably also notice some changes in the pop-up controls. We’ve added a scrubber for… uhm… scrubbing through the current track. There’s also a volume control for everyone who was asking for it.

Finally, we’ve added a few new link-outs in the controls:

  • view my mixes – takes you to the mixtape creators page of mixtapes
  • make a mix – takes people to the mixmaker
  • mixwit logo – yeah, well… links to our homepage

Mike’s still working really hard on bug fixes and responding to everyone’s emails. Thank you to everyone who’s sent in emails of love and enthusiasm, you’ve been a huge energy boost! ^_^

Text labels

Text label highlightYou’ll find you have a few options on how to manage your cassette’s text labels when using the Mixmaker.

Tool Menu

Text Style allows you to manipulate:

  • font color and size ( 9pt – 36pt )
  • justification (left, center, and right)
  • the background label color and transparency (alpha)

Description allows you to enter the title and creator info which are displayed when your cassette is first shown. Note: as soon as the cassette starts playing, title and creator are replaced by the song title and artist name.

Direct Editing

There’s a couple of less-obvious features for editing your text labels directly on the cassette. Click once and you’ll highlight the label. If highlighted, you can start to drag the label around. At the same time, you can choose to double-click the label, which will enable you to edit the text.

The text labels are far from complete. We’ve got several ideas on what needs to be improved, as well as additional features. But hopefully, you’ve got enough to work with for now. Have fun!

Welcome to (beta) everyone…

HerosHello all!

A funny thing happened in the last week or so. Since our public launch, we’ve gone from just a few people to over 4000 visitors per day. Even more amazing: you guys have already made 1000 2200 mixtapes.

We’re… stunned. Wow.

We haven’t done any promotion for Mixwit – it’s all been word-of-mouth, starting with a mention on TechCrunch, and spreading through a handfull of blogs. So we really, really want to say thank you to the folks who got the word out, with being one of the biggest, as well as and There’s also a couple of amazing sites with demo videos: (english) and Marcelino Madrigal (español). You guys seriously rock hard!

We’ll try to be proactive with the Mixwit blog and start posting more information on the changes we’ve done. Updates seem to go up everyday. Most are bug fixes, but we’ll be adding features too.

That’s it for today. Have fun! More stuff coming!

Facebook features

Facebook logoWe’ve been really busy this past week with stuff we can’t quite talk about… but one thing that didn’t get mentioned (until now) is our recent tight integration with Facebook. The tapes are now up as a Facebook app, so our Facebook users can now take advantage of all of the built-in social tools they offer.

Quick shout-out to our host…

Engine Yard logoWe’d like to take a moment and give a big shout out and thank you to our Rails host, Engine Yard, for all of their help. There’s been a lot of late night calls and they’ve always been there for us. Thanks!

Alpha Rollouts: more bling for you

alpha blingHi all and welcome to the first post of the Mixwit blog.

Several major and minor features have been added to the Mixmaker and Mixtape so naturally the entire Mixwit team (both of us) are really excited to see what everyone does with them.

The Majors:

1) Share your mixtapes anywhere. On your blog. Myspace. Facebook. Anywhere online.

2) Add your own image to your mixtape: Make your mixtape your own.

3) Mixtape template PDF: We’ve posted a downloadable PDF template to enable you to accurately create your own skins.

4) Public alpha: No more alpha-user login box (i.e. no more “hamburger1”). The private testing is complete, but the project is still alpha quality (until a few more core features can be completed).

The Minors:

1) Image control: Your image is masked by the mixtape body, or can fill the whole tape. You can also scale the image and click & drag the image to make it look it’s best.

2) Text editing: You have options for editing and moving the text labels around, including click-and drag positioning. You can also double click on the text to enter your title and alias.

(quick note: the text editing & image dragging features will seem a bit quirky. We plan to expand these features pretty quickly, so the quirkiness will be resolved then.)

3) Glossiness: has been greatly increased to give users more bling contrast. This was rolled out last week, but we want to mention it for the early users, because old mixtapes are going to look extra-shiny.

4) New gears and spooled tape: We’ve replaced the schlocky gears with real-ish gears. Woot. The cool part is actually the spooled mag tape: It acts like real… uh… spooled tape. You’ll see.

5) Add your own track: Now you can add any track that you can find on the web.

6) Bug fixes: We still can’t claim to be bug free, but we squashed quite a few the past week. Most notably we worked out most of the kinks with Internet Explorer. Big thanks to everyone who reported bugs and an especially big thanks to Jake for lending us the windows box. Keep the reports coming!

There’s a ton of extra tweaks beyond these (like the addition of this blog), but why say more? Go play!